Inflation vs. deflation: Retailers fear falling prices

A man with a paper bag of groceries looks surprised and upset at a receipt from a supermarket with high prices against the background of an escalator with customers in the shopping center.  Elena Perova | Istock | Getty Images Just ahead of the holiday season, Walmart had encouraging news for inflation-weary shoppers: Prices on food and other staples were […]

A common anesthetic could improve the social symptoms of depression

Ketamine, a common anesthetic, given in low doses, could help improve the social symptoms of depression. To explain the mechanism behind this encouraging prospect a studypublished in the magazine Molecular Psychiatryconducted by scientists at Osaka University. The mouse study The team, led by Rei Yokoyama, used a mouse model to evaluate the use of this drug in cases of depression. […]

Todde-Truzzu head to head. The turnout was 52.4%

Todde in the lead in Cagliari, Sassari and Nuoro “unofficially” data from the first seats. Truzzu commands in Olbia Three hours after the start of the counting, still no official results in Sardinia on yesterday’s vote. In the press room set up in the regional headquarters in Cagliari, the screen that should illustrate the percentages live with the sections scrutinized […]

Cristiano Ronaldo’s bad gesture becomes a case

The Portuguese champion was the protagonist of a sensational reaction towards the public on the 21st day of the Saudi League. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Al-Nassr defeated Al-Shabab 3-2 away, but the former Juventus player ends up in trouble. He celebrates in a decidedly vulgar way, perhaps in Italy it would have only made many people shake their heads, but in Saudi […]

Why airlines are raising baggage fees and charging more at the airport

Travelers arrive for flights at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago on March 16, 2021. Scott Olson | Getty Images News | Getty Images Airlines are raising their prices to check a bag — again. Just how much you it will cost you, however, depends on when you pay for the service. United Airlines, American Airlines and JetBlue Airways are among […]

Melanoma, what is the TIL cell therapy approved in the USA

TIL, a small acronym for what seems to be the next great frontier against cancer. We are talking about an approach that has been studied since the 1990s, but which has had a strong boost in the last decade, with experiments on different types of solid tumors. And now the Food and Drug Administration has just approved, with an accelerated […]