“A pirated application for watching sporting events has been removed from the Google Store”

Google has removed from its store the pirated application Live Football TV HD from which it was possible to access an illegal streaming platform downloaded by over half a million users. The application was used to watch sporting events, including obviously the Italian football championship. “It’s just the beginning”, the Agcom commissioner tells Rainews.it, Massimiliano Capitanio. “This action – he […]

where Christmas presents are given

On the web, shopping centers or local shops: where Christmas gifts are given The end of year celebrations Spending on gifts is increasing: in this service the figures for Christmas 2023 and the most common purchasing methods chosen by Italians 12/16/2023 Gabriele Flamma, Tg2

Funny or disturbing? The skeleton panda now has a scientific name

The skeleton panda has been one of Japan’s most popular marine species since its images ended up online. With its body structure that resembles a skeleton and black “panda-like” spots, it is among the most sought-after creatures by divers who visit the island of Kumejima. Although the Internet coined the name “gaikotsundahoya”, which literally means “sea splash panda skeleton”, the […]