Sea culture and sport fishing, the perfect combination in Pesaro

Mirko Eusebi is the five-time world champion of ‘big game’, deep sea fishing where tuna are the favorite prey. He is from Pesaro and is at the same time the coach of the Italian national team. “Our city is among the favorite destinations for the specialty. Crews from all over the world come to Pesaro and, on the occasion of […]

pasta is eaten on board

In command is Michael Lopez-Alegria who, after a long career in NASA, works for Axiom Space. This is a private mission dedicated to the Space Economy, which for 14 days will bring 30 experiments into space, the result of many companies, many of which are Italian. Originally scheduled for January 18, the Crew Dragon Freedom capsule is headed to the […]

Space, who is Walter Villadei

Roman, born in 1974, a career of the highest level in the Air Force built by pursuing the dream of flying in space with dedication and passion. Colonel Walter Villadei’s professional career began in 1993 at the Pozzuoli Air Force Academy. Five years later he became the first space engineer of the Arma Azzurra, graduating from the Federico II University […]