The presidency of the G7 goes to Italy. The summit in Puglia in June

The presidency of the G7 returns to Europe: Giorgia Meloni’s task will be to refocus the confrontation between the seven most developed countries on burning issues that Japan has faced with a more wait-and-see attitude. The challenge of the conflict in Ukraine, the relationship with Africa and migration, the conflict between Israel and Gaza will become more on the agenda […]

“Saving except for a promise to my brother.”

“The Camorra wanted me at any price, but I always refused. Escaping this environment made me feel like a free man. Words by Patrizio Oliva; one of the greatest Italian boxers, born 64 years ago in Poggioreale. “I am saved thanks to boxing and a promise to my brother: I will become an Olympic champion.” Patrizio Oliva kept his word, […]