The ‘made in Italy’ pentathlon dreams of a 2024 to remember. And the conditions are all there given that the year that is about to end has in fact consecrated the Azzurri among the most popular athletes in the world. “What happened in 2023 will remain in history of our country and our sport – explains Fabrizio Bittner, President of the Italian Federation -: out of the six international competitions that involved us, in 2023 Italy won four victories, deservedly returning among the strongest nations in the world in the Modern Pentathlon. There’s no point in hiding, we have very high-level objectives and we hope that Paris can be our perfect stage.”

The successes of the pentathlon were also celebrated by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, who received the Azzurri on 29 November: “The Pentathlon it is an extraordinary discipline, which not only collects successes, but, with its five specialties, running, swimming, horse riding, fencing, shooting, brings together the first and oldest disciplines of sport. So it’s like a synthesis of sports competitions. And having many results in this discipline, even with young talents, is particularly important”.

Italian Modern Pentathlon Federation

Fabrizio Bittner, president of the Pentathlon Federation

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