Respiratory syncytial virus, appeal to AIFA. “It’s our Covid, let’s hurry with the new antibody”

It’s called Rsv, respiratory syncytial virus, and families who have encountered it are unlikely to forget it. Because Rsv mainly affects newborns, fragile children and the elderly. It is not forgotten because the disease that the virus causes, bronchiolitis, is a serious illness, which requires hospitalization and which caused the death of 16 children last season. Deaths avoidable with passive […]

Obesity, here are the diseases it can trigger

Obesity has been defined by experts as “an epidemic” because it affects us 1 billion people in the world and, according to a new study in the Lancet, worldwide among adults it has more than doubled since 1990, and has quadrupled among children and adolescents (from 5 to 19 years): in 2022 43% of adults were overweight. But how does […]

Lymphedema, what to know to reduce the risk

Next March 6 will be World Lymphedema Day, a condition that can occur following the removal of lymph nodes, which happens in many cases of breast cancer surgery. To put it simply, it is the accumulation of lymphatic fluid that causes the operated arm to swell. Is it possible to prevent it? And how to treat it once it has […]

Avian flu alert, the virus could pass from human to human

A virus that is evolving, capable of traveling thousands of kilometers to Antarctica and infect a 22 month old girl (it happened on February 23 in Hong Kong). The avian flu virus is now scary because, experts explain, that infected little girl, who appears to have had no contact with animals, would demonstrate the pathogen’s ability to transmit from man […]

A common anesthetic could improve the social symptoms of depression

Ketamine, a common anesthetic, given in low doses, could help improve the social symptoms of depression. To explain the mechanism behind this encouraging prospect a studypublished in the magazine Molecular Psychiatryconducted by scientists at Osaka University. The mouse study The team, led by Rei Yokoyama, used a mouse model to evaluate the use of this drug in cases of depression. […]

Melanoma, what is the TIL cell therapy approved in the USA

TIL, a small acronym for what seems to be the next great frontier against cancer. We are talking about an approach that has been studied since the 1990s, but which has had a strong boost in the last decade, with experiments on different types of solid tumors. And now the Food and Drug Administration has just approved, with an accelerated […]

Ban cell phones and tablets in schools, so we keep kids away from classrooms

For twenty years I have been fighting to promote digital awareness and well-being, convinced that the key to navigating the tumultuous ocean of digital is education, not prohibition. The recent decision by the Minister of Education to ban the use of smartphones and tablets in classrooms for teaching purposes is a move that smacks of fear, not progress; a surrender […]

Ebola vaccine can halve mortality

The rVSVĪ”G-ZEBOV-GP vaccine, the only one recommended against Ebola during epidemics, is able to halve mortality. This is what emerges from one observational study funded and conducted by Epicentre, the medical and epidemiological research center of Doctors Without Borders (in France), in collaboration with the National Institute of Biomedical Research (INRB) and the Ministry of Health of the Democratic Republic […]

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