Diabetes, a drug helps prevent kidney damage

There’s no messing around with type 2 diabetes. According to statistics, in fact, one in three people develops a pathology called chronic kidney disease, which may require dialysis and even a kidney transplant. Life expectancy for these patients is reduced by up to 16 years. Something, however, can be done: new data, collected in over 50 Italian diabetes centers, confirm […]

Colorectal cancer, a screening without a stool test?

Colorectal cancer screening could, in the future, do without stool testing. According to a study published in Nature Communicationa common and harmless bacterium capable of nesting in tumors that may be present can be modified in the laboratory to release a measurable marker in the urine and blood. Looking for new tests Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of […]

World Cancer Day, 16 questions to overcome disparities

World Cancer Day is celebrated on February 4th with the slogan ‘Close the Care Gap’. This was discussed at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità in a national conference to reduce social disparities. It emerged that a quarter of deaths in Italy are associated with low education, financial toxicity and healthcare migration. Financial difficulties affect 26% of patients. The first questionnaire […]

Covid, the new variant BA.2.87.1 arrives from South Africa

A new variant of Sars-Cov-2 makes its appearance on the international scene. It was discovered in South Africa by the same group of scientists who first detected Omicron, and has already been identified with the acronym Ba.2.87.1. It is a hypermutated variant: in fact it presents over 100 mutations, of which more than 30 in the Spike protein, the experts […]

Who is the shingles vaccine recommended for?

Is the herpes zoster vaccine advisable for those who are not yet of the recommended age but suffer from certain pathologies (for example glaucoma), even if they are vaccinated against chickenpox? How effective is it? Is it possible that it doesn’t work for some people? Send your questions to [email protected] The herpes zoster vaccine is recommended not only for people […]

Two kiwis a day improve vitality and mood

Kiwi has proven to be a powerful mood booster and new research from the University of Otago has shown just how fast its effects can be. In a study, published in British Journal of NutritionIn fact, researchers found that the fruit improved vitality and mood in just four days. “It’s nice – underlines Tamlin Conner, one of the authors of […]

Writing by hand or using the keyboard are not the same thing for our brain

Writing by hand involves greater brain connectivity than typing on a keyboard, so it is necessary to expose students to more activities that involve handwriting. This was revealed by a study by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, published in Frontiers in Psychology. Writing by hand at school is increasingly rare As digital devices gradually replace pen and paper, […]