Kiwi has proven to be a powerful mood booster and new research from the University of Otago has shown just how fast its effects can be. In a study, published in British Journal of NutritionIn fact, researchers found that the fruit improved vitality and mood in just four days. “It’s nice – underlines Tamlin Conner, one of the authors of the research – that people know that small changes in their diet, such as adding kiwi, could make a difference in the way they feel every day”.

Anxiety, knowing it so as not to get overwhelmed

by Sofia Gaudioso

Intake of vitamin C, of ​​which kiwis are rich, has been associated with improved mood, vitality, well-being and less depression, while deficiency is associated with greater depression and cognitive impairment.

Citrus fruits, so many health benefits: here’s how to best use them

by Paola Emilia Cicerone

The researchers carried out an eight-week dietary intervention on 155 adults with low levels of this vitamin. Participants took a vitamin C supplement, a placebo or two kiwis daily. They then reported their vitality, mood, well-being, sleep quality, sleep quantity and physical activity using smartphone surveys. It was found that kiwi supplementation improved vitality and mood over four days, peaking around the fourteenth day. Vitamin C supplementation alone, on the other hand, marginally improved mood through day 12.

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