These days, children become very ill with both Covid and the flu, sometimes with severe symptoms that often require a visit to the emergency room. Wouldn’t it be appropriate to include the Covid vaccination in the vaccination list for the children’s group? Perhaps this inclusion would help “normalize” anti-Covid vaccination and increase vaccinations.

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Currently, the aim of the anti-Covid-19 vaccination campaign promoted by the Ministry of Health is to prevent deaths, hospitalizations and severe forms of COVID-19 among the elderly and those with high frailty, as well as to protect pregnant women and healthcare workers. In full compliance with the priority offer to the specific population group at high risk of complications or hospitalization related to the same infectious disease, there is no contraindication to vaccination even of children who do not belong to the restricted categories of fragile patients, e.g the vaccination is offered actively and free of charge.

Vaccinations at school, the project to increase the vaccination rate among children

by Tiziana Moriconi

As for influenza, although the Ministry of Health has also included healthy children between 6 months and 6 years old in the list of categories for which seasonal flu vaccination is recommended and actively offered free of charge, we will still not reach the high vaccination rate this year Concentrations expected to minimize the harm of the virus strains contained in the flu vaccine.

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How can you get vaccinated against Covid and flu if you do not belong to the fragile categories?

From the above it is clear that since there is no contraindication and/or specific refusal to offer vaccination to the pediatric group without particular infirmities, it is necessary to respect the (unacceptable) and free decision of the parents who do not adhere to it it is appropriate to ensure adequate protection for their children with both the flu and the SARSCoV-2 vaccination.

Influenza, adults are not afraid of it and the vaccination does not pass

by Letizia Gabaglio

*Rocco Russo is responsible for the technical vaccination table of the Sip (Italian Society of Pediatrics).

The information provided is for informational purposes only: it does not constitute medical advice in any way and cannot replace the diagnosis or treatment indications recommended by your doctor or a specialist.

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