Ney Alves denies the rumors circulating on social media about the alleged death of brother Dani. The former Brazilian footballer, imprisoned in the “Brians 2” penitentiary in Barcelona, ​​is serving a conviction for rape and it has been for a few weeks an anti-suicide protocol has been activated.

“How much cruelty human beings have – Ney Alves vented -. You have already condemned him for the words of a woman who entered a men’s bathroom to do what only she knows. He has already been convicted. Is not sufficient? She is in prison. Now, the madness is that you want its death. You want to see my dead brother. But how much cruelty is this? My father is over 70 years old. My mother is over 60. You don’t have a family, do you? These pages that continue to spread these things. May God have mercy on you,” she reacted. In the same hours, Dani Alves’ press officer contacted the Italian radio in Belo Horizonte to deny the rumors about the footballer’s alleged death and announce legal action.

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