Alessandra Moretti, wife of comedian Maurizio Battista with whom she has a daughter, was hospitalized for a pulmonary embolism. On her Instagram account she shared her medical records and all her concern for the difficult moment she is going through.

“There are many things I would like to say, but for two days I have been suffocating in tears. We are in the social era, where the ostentation of perfection and performance at all costs reigns. Today tenderness and truth are the true revolutionary act. Frailties are not allowed and we are ashamed to show ourselves as such. Without mincing words… it’s a miracle I’m alive…I had this pulmonary embolism following a venous thrombosis and this very kind “thrombus” settled in my artery and we are moving to send it away…at any cost! Here in these cases I don’t understand if you are more unlucky or lucky, in the sense: who establishes the boundary between the two things?!”

The actress is going through a very hard time and in the post she also asks herself why: “I am pervaded by a swing of thoughts and emotions going from “lucky I ran to get myself checked otherwise I would have died!” To the “but how cxxx is it possible that it’s just me? I don’t drink, I don’t indulge in excesses, and yet…” I understood, however, that there’s no point in wondering, torturing yourself… when something happens you already have to think about the aftermath, how to deal with it.”

Alessandra Moretti asks three things of her contacts: “1) Don’t feel sorry for yourself (I already think about it enough on my own)
2) Start telling me oh god but how do they treat you? What will you do? Please don’t.
3) A few questions to Maurizio who is thinking about too many things for his means!!!
And above all for Anna everything must continue… including her father’s show where she has so much fun!

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