At Vittoria’s party the script repeated itself. Exactly like at Leone’s birthday, Chiara Ferragni and Fedez only took separate photos and with the children always from behind. A decision that would have come in response to the warnings that two sent each other.

But the relationship between the two almost ex-spouses seems to have deteriorated again. At the party organized in a Citylife club for the little girl’s three birthday, Federico and Chiara allegedly argued. According to what Corriere della Sera reports, the two left the club without even looking at each other.

In the shots posted on social media the two were careful not to appear together and both shared messages and images in which they appear together with little Vittoria, among balloons, giant bubbles, puppets and cake.

The quarrel

The climate, at least looking at the stories published by the two on Instagram, seemed serene. Chiara did a lot to Vittoria, “best wishes, magical little girl, every day that passes you make me more proud to be your mother”. Fedez also published a series of shots of his little girl’s party, writing: “Happy birthday little Iaia”.

At the end of the party, however, it seems that Fedez had a nervous outburst and left, accompanied by his assistant, after an argument with his ex. The singer’s mother, Tatiana, chased him in an attempt to calm him down, telling him: “Federico is enough”. Nothing transpires about the reason for the discussion.

The Ferragnez War

After the storm linked to Pandoro gate there was no longer any peace for the couple. Ferragni would have warned Fedez from talking about divorce on TV elui allegedly asked her not to publish images of her children on social media.

Among the first signs that the two are at loggerheads come from social media. In fact, since Leone’s birthday, Chiara and Fedez have started posting messages only from behind, without showing their faces on social media anymore. Even the party for the firstborn took place in an environment that was anything but relaxed. Those who were there speak of high tension which resulted in the image shared by the rapper and the digital entrepreneur. Both in the same position, crouching with the children in front of the party backdrop, with Leone and Vittoria from behind, and naturally separated: each took their own souvenir photo.

Fedez, cancer 2 years ago: here is his list of things to do

It was March 22, 2022 when Fedez underwent delicate pancreatic surgery after announcing to fans that he had cancer.

Two years later, the rapper remembers those days by publishing the post-operative images and without missing his innate irony: “Even with the tumor I never lost my sex appeal” he writes accompanying a photo in the hospital with the plaster on the wound and the shirt on.”2 fucking years! – He adds – Life is beautiful”.

On the occasion of a very significant anniversary, Fedez shared on social media the memory of the surgical operation he underwent two years ago to remove a pancreatic tumor. On March 22, 2022, the rapper underwent surgery at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan.

Fedez publishes a series of post-operative photographs when he was hospitalized at the San Raffaele hospital and among the shots there is also a note with a list of things to do, a sort of life plan for the next 5 years. “2022 concert in the Duomo, Vegas holiday, San Siro alone with an audience, having another child, winning Sanremo/Eurovision/Grammy”, it says.

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