Satire, music, TV and obviously Sanremo. The parody of “Mare Fuori” that Fiorello, Fabrizio Biggio and Mauro Casciari stage during “Viva Rai 2!” satirizes one of the most discussed topics of the moment: Geolier’s participation in the Sanremo 2024 Festival, with a trap song entirely written in Neapolitan.

It is precisely the use of dialect that has sparked various controversies and diatribes in recent days. And now Fiorello’s morning show doesn’t miss the chance to laugh about it: in the first episode of “Viva Rai 2!… from Sanremo” the parody of the TV series was staged, now in its fourth season, with Geolier as guest star as a Neapolitan dialect student of Professor Casciari.

Mare Fuori does an encore at the Festival

After last year’s hosting, Amadeus will welcome the cast of the Rai cult series to Sanremo 2024 and will do so in the second evening of Wednesday 7 February. An opportunity to promote the fourth season already online on Rai Play and launch the TV appointment starting on the Wednesday following the Festival, February 14th in prime time on Rai 2. This was stated by Amadeus himself during the first live broadcast of “Viva Rai 2!… from Sanremo”.

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