The former president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, has landed at Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas airport, while the investigation into alleged irregular contracts during his tenure is underway. The former sports manager returned to Spain from the Dominican Republic a few days earlier than expected. The former manager was seen leaving the Spanish capital airport aboard a Guardia Civil van.

Spanish media speculated that Rubiales could be arrested upon his arrival in Spain, but legal sources reported that judges have not issued an arrest warrant for Rubiales, however the Guardia Civil may decide to detain him until he testifies before to the judge. Rubiales had stated that he would return to Spain on April 6 to answer the charges against him as part of the judicial investigation into the organization of the Super Cup in Saudi Arabia.

Prosecutors are investigating contracts issued under Rubiales’ term for possible corruption and money laundering crimes. In the crosshairs, as mentioned, is the agreement for the organization of the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia dating back to 2022, worth 40 million euros per year for six years. The contract was signed by the former president himself; there would also be the involvement of former Barcelona player Gerard Piqué who, according to some interceptions, had made illicit deals worth millions of euros with Rubiales.

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