Russell Crowe will be a guest in Sanremo on the evening of Thursday 8 February: the announcement of Amadeus on Viva Rai2!. “He will come to play – said the artistic director, after showing his friend Fiorello a video of the former Gladiator – you know that he is much loved in the world for the blues.

He is shooting a film in Australia: just think, he finishes shooting on February 6th, on the 7th he comes to Sanremo and on the 8th it is broadcast on Rai1″. “And all at his expense”, echoed Fiorello. The video with the preview of the presence of the “Gladiator” on the Ariston stage.

“I discovered that I am of Italian origins, from Ascoli Piceno”

“Hello Amadeus, hello Fiore, I’m very happy about the invitation to the festival, I can’t wait to join you. I discovered that I am of Italian origins, from Ascoli Piceno, there is a blood relationship. Hello Italy, on my signal unleash hell“, said in the short video Crowe, who was already a guest of Sanremo in 2001, in the festival hosted by Raffaella Carrà, in the wake of the success of the film Gladiator.

Roman Holidays and on the electric scooter: Russel Crowe publishes a “short” of his day in Rome: VIDEO

“And it’s all at his expense! Do you think Roberto Sergio spends money on Crowe? Fiorello joked. “You’re our pope,” he commented, turning to Amadeus, the showman, who had joked several times during the episode on the presence of the pontiff yesterday on Nove, guest of Fabio Fazio on Che tempo che fa.

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