“At dawn we’re already dancing” says one of the jingles Long live Rai2, but not only: we laugh and sing. Another record week for the “Mattin show” live every day from the Foro Italico of Rome from 7.00 to 8.00. Born from an idea of Fiorello and conducted together with Fabrizio Biggio, Mauro Casciari and the whole team of good humor, the program broadcast on Rai 2 rings the alarm clock for Italians with irony and joy.

With one average share above 20% in the past week, the broadcast marks the seasonal record over seven daysto which another excellent data is added: in the last 15 episodes broadcast, 13 times the audience recorded an average of more than one million viewers.

A great success with the public, also underlined every morning by the hundreds of people in attendance at the Foro Italico in Rome to follow the program from 7am, and by the many super guests who follow one another from episode to episode in the daily show of good humor. Among those from last week Annalisa, Il Volo, I Negramaro, Dargen D’Amico.

Another exceptional result for Fiorello, after the success of the show – festival spin off Viva Rai2…Viva Sanremo!who said goodnight to viewers after the evenings of the Italian Song Festival.

Big guests, dances, musicthe press review of the day and the numerous, hilarious gags.

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