A “theatrical suggestion”

This draws on commedia dell’arte Theatrical million with Eleonora Fuser/Kublai Khan, and Gianluca Pantaleo/Marco Polo, directed by Sandra Mangini. The show is staged at the Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista, which produced it for Carnival of culture in Venice In the seventh centenary of Polo’s death.

There are two literary points of reference

The wonders of the invisible“: the title holds together two literary transfigurations, “The Book of Wonders“, That Rusticillo from Pisa he derived from the travel stories of the Venetian merchant during the common imprisonment, in Genoa, at the end of the thirteenth century; And “Invisible cities” Of Italo Calvinopublished in 1973. Marco describes them to the ruler of Cathay: the powerful and the dreamer.

Poised between wonder and nightmare

In the nearby Spazio Badoer, masks by Giorgio De Marchi give a face to Calvino’s invisible cities, poised between wonder and nightmare. All are an ideal Venice and at the same time the hells on Earth manufactured and inhabited, refusing to see them…

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