Council of Ministers, on the agenda the decree in favor of the elderly and the mission to the Red Sea

There are various topics addressed by today’s Council of Ministers. Elderly decree, Election Day, where the hypothesis of three mandates for the mayors of small municipalities is increasingly insistent, but also cybersecurity, sponsorships, the Ferragni bill, and the military mission in the Red Sea. Let’s see them in detail. Elderly decree: one thousand euros per month for non-self-sufficient over 80s […]

Trump-Haley two-way challenge, the former president in the lead

It’s a two-way challenge scheduled for today New Hampshire, the second American state to go to the Republican presidential primaries. But it already has the flavor of a predictable dispute, with the result already written (according to commentators, polls and predictions). Former United Nations Ambassador, Nikki Haleysecured the duel with the former president Donald Trump after the surprise retirement of […]

The truth about the ESM, after Conte Meloni before the Honorary Jury

The Prime Minister’s hearing has begun Giorgia Meloni before the Honorary Jury of the Chamber, in the dispute raised by the leader of the M5s Giuseppe Conte for the Prime Minister’s accusations on the ESM. Meloni entered the room of the president’s library in Montecitorio, where the special investigative commission listened to Conte yesterday, in a session that lasted about […]

“The Commission returns to Emilia-Romagna with a commitment”

“Von der Leyenwho with me and Bonaccini she had been in the territories a few days after the flood and had taken on responsibilities and commitments to provide answers also from a European point of view, returns to Forlì. And those answers came particularly with this revision of the Pnrr” which “allows us to invest 1.2 billion”, among other things […]

“Why was Delmastro far from the escort when the shot went off?”

The senator of Italia Viva Matteo Renzi addressed his question to the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio today in the Senate Chamber regarding the story of the shooting at the New Year’s Eve party in Rosazza. There is still no clear information on who fired the gunshot from a weapon held by the Fratelli d’Italia deputy, Emanuele Pozzolo. In his […]

Salvini: “I’m not running for the European elections, I would like Vannacci”. The general: “I’ll think about it”

“I don’t know what the other leaders will do, I’m not running, I’ll stay as Minister of Infrastructure.” Five months before the European elections, Matteo Salvini he withdraws from the electoral competition of 6-9 June. “My goal – explains – is to reach the 5 Stars”. Then on the possibility that General Vannacci will be nominated with the League he […]