In Dubai the first race of the “Iron Man” in flying suits

On Wednesday, the United Arab Emirates city-state hosted what was billed as the first-ever Jet Suit race. The pilots zoomed past the surface of the water (sometimes ending up in it) wearing flying suits with 1,500 horsepower engines that use the same type of fuel that powers the Airbus A380 and Boeing 777.

“A pirated application for watching sporting events has been removed from the Google Store”

Google has removed from its store the pirated application Live Football TV HD from which it was possible to access an illegal streaming platform downloaded by over half a million users. The application was used to watch sporting events, including obviously the Italian football championship. “It’s just the beginning”, the Agcom commissioner tells, Massimiliano Capitanio. “This action – he […]

Novavax (NVAX) earnings report Q4 2023

Budrul Chukrut | Lightrocket | Getty Images Vaccine maker Novavax on Wednesday reported fourth-quarter revenue and earnings that missed Wall Street’s estimates and reiterated plans to cut costs as it fights to stay afloat.  Still, Novavax narrowed its losses in the quarter from the same period a year ago, even as demand for the biotech company’s Covid vaccine – its […]

Avian flu alert, the virus could pass from human to human

A virus that is evolving, capable of traveling thousands of kilometers to Antarctica and infect a 22 month old girl (it happened on February 23 in Hong Kong). The avian flu virus is now scary because, experts explain, that infected little girl, who appears to have had no contact with animals, would demonstrate the pathogen’s ability to transmit from man […]

Elisabetta Belloni: “76 countries around the world are voting this year: risk of electoral interference”

“In 2024 76 countries of the worldequal to half the world’s population, they will go to the vote and there are risks of interference and conditioning of electoral processes through the hybrid threat” warns the director of the Dis (Department of Information for Security), Elisabetta Belloni, at the presentation of the annual intelligence report. Alongside the former general secretary of […]

Inflation vs. deflation: Retailers fear falling prices

A man with a paper bag of groceries looks surprised and upset at a receipt from a supermarket with high prices against the background of an escalator with customers in the shopping center.  Elena Perova | Istock | Getty Images Just ahead of the holiday season, Walmart had encouraging news for inflation-weary shoppers: Prices on food and other staples were […]