The press conference of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who answered 42 questions from journalists, ended after just over three hours. “Gentlemen, thank you all and happy new year again”, the Prime Minister said goodbye, applauded by some of those present in the audience.

Then the reactions of the representatives of the majority and the opposition on the various topics addressed in the press conference.

Minister Calderoli: “Giorgia Meloni’s words on autonomy are good”

“I appreciated today’s words, pronounced in the press conference, by the President of the Council of Ministers, Giorgia Meloni, on differentiated regional autonomy. President Meloni did well to point out that autonomy does not take anything away from anyone, it does not take away from a Region to give to another, but it will allow the Regions that are virtuous in managing their own skills to obtain further ones, triggering a mechanism of accountability and could represent a driving force for growth and development for the South. President Meloni said it well: the autonomy will strengthen the skills, responsibilities and virtuosities of the individual Regions. Forward with autonomy, which in less than two weeks, from 16 January, will be in the Senate: forward with a reform which, as Giorgia Meloni underlined, will well from North to South”. This is stated by Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomies, Roberto Calderoli.

Gasparri: “The Government will continue for a long time. Clear and comprehensive answers from Meloni”

“Meloni gave clear and exhaustive answers on all issues. From the direct election of the prime minister to the issues of competition and Europe, from the Pd-Degni scandals to the Court of Auditors, to the intrusiveness of Giuliano Amato. A government with clear ideas that will go on for a long time.” He declared it on the news president of the Forza Italia senators, Maurizio Gasparri.

Comments from the Democratic Party

Debora Serracchiani, head of Justice in the PD secretariat: “Meloni worried about the time of justice? So why is he allowing his majority and Minister Nordio with yet another proposal to reform the statute of limitations to question the results obtained from the Cartabia reforms which have reduced the time of the trials? And so as to also put the Pnrr’s resources at risk? If you are really convinced that you have to intervene in justice, think instead about restoring the resources you have cut and making the hires you have promised for too long”. Thus in a note Debora Serracchiani. “And while you’re at it – he adds – have the courage to make those you put in the ministry and the deputies who go around armed take a step back. Justice is a serious thing and demands skills, professionalism and reliability. Requirements that his fellow party leaders evidently do not have”.

The leaders of the Democratic Party in the Senate and the Chamber commented on social media Francesco Boccia And Chiara Bragain a post published on Facebook and shared by the secretary Elly Schlein.

“Over two hours of press conference to say nothing, continue with the usual victim attitude, with the usual attacks on the opposition, with the usual creation of imaginary enemies, without ever giving answers to the country’s problems such as healthcare and the cost of living. Guide the Government but still seems to be in opposition. Meloni, when will you tell us what future you imagine for Italy? Everything else is boredom.”

With you. 5 Star Movement: “Meloni ‘Mr Yes’ in the EU, black belt mocked”

“What is the limit for someone who calls himself a ‘patriot’? Ending up like Giorgia Meloni.” With a post on Facebook, the president of the M5s, Giuseppe Conte, launches his accusation against the policies of the Meloni government. And he attacks: “As you now know, the Prime Minister has bowed to Germany and France for an agreement on the Stability Pact by which cuts and taxes of over 12 billion a year will be imposed on Italy. Finally today in the press conference it is not was able to escape the questions and the answer was the following: ‘I am satisfied – under the given conditions – with the agreement we made on the Stability Pact, it is clearly not the Pact I would have wanted’. So why did you say yes?” “We have a big problem in Chigi if the prime minister is ‘satisfied’ with 12 billion in cuts which risk affecting rights, services, healthcare and so on as usual. For the future of our young people we have sent negotiations in Europe a prime minister who says ‘yes sir’ to what other countries decide for us. A president who bows her head to her European partners with the same diligence with which she doesn’t make the banks pay 2 billion in tax on extra profits. If there is a ‘black belt’ of mockery of citizens that rightfully belongs to Giorgia Meloni”, he continues. “Three years ago we returned from Europe with 209 billion for Italy, now we return with a mortgage of billions in cuts every year. From ‘patriots’ who were ‘ready’ for anything to enemies of Italy’s interests, it doesn’t take much: just one year of government”, he concludes.

Renzi, Italia Viva: “Meloni Conference? Never heard so many lies”

“I saw Giorgia Meloni’s press conference. Never have you heard so many lies all at once. The Prime Minister says that she did not increase taxes: evidently the excise duties on petrol and the VAT on sanitary pads increased on their own. The Prime Minister says that we need to reconcile motherhood with work, but in the meantime the VAT on diapers and baby products is increasing.” She writes it on social media IV leader Matteo Renzi. “The Prime Minister – he continues – says that she never asked for the resignation of her opponents when she was in Government and yet she asked me to resign once a month: for the banks, Unicef, Tempa Rossa. The Prime Minister says that she could have put her sister in a participated as the others do: the others who? Perhaps the North Korean leader does this with his sister. Perhaps. The prime minister says that she has no problems with her ruling class: her brother-in-law stops the Frecciarossa trains and spends millions of euros on his secretariat, the gunman shoots and invokes parliamentary immunity, the undersecretary for justice organizes parties with the prison police as if it were his own private phalanx. The prime minister says that the climate has changed regarding immigration and in fact landings have increased by 50% in the face of those like her who said “We will close the ports”. For now they are just closing their eyes to reality. Now Meloni will go into election campaign mode, radicalizing Elly Schlein and cannibalizing Tajani and Salvini. But then reality will present her with the bill, starting with the 30 billion euros that she must find between now and the end of the year. Liars have this great thing: they think that people will always believe what they say. At the beginning it’s like this. Then suddenly reality emerges, all at once. Happy 2024, dear President Meloni. Even less for next year, please: fewer posts, fewer lies and above all less taxes. Give us this gift: at least remove the taxes you put in.”

Calenda, Action: “Nothing from Meloni on important things, invectives and gossip”

“Little or nothing on what is important: Healthcare, Wages, Education, PNRR, Industrial Policy. Many invectives against the left, some gossip, a sprinkling of influencers, a couple of jokes and a lot of news. You can feel the complete absence of a project for Italy. This is the summary of Meloni’s conference. We have already seen very similar ones.” He writes it on social media Action leader, Carlo Calenda.

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