I would like to know the timing of the new vaccine for genital herpes and whether it will be effective on those who have already contracted it.

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Genital herpes is an infection due to Herpes Simplex (HSV), a very common virus (it is estimated that over 500 million people in the world have contracted the infection) of which there are two types: 1 (HSV-1) and 2 (HSV-2). The latter is the main cause of genital herpes, and is transmitted during sexual intercourse through body fluids or direct contact of the blisters with the genitals. After infection, the virus remains latent within the body for life, and in the event of a weakening of the immune defenses – for example in the case of severe stress – it can reactivate. Research is currently underway on the development of vaccines against Herpes Simplex. There is great anticipation especially for the data relating to a new mRNA vaccine which is however still in the testing phase, and at present we do not yet have certain timing on the availability of a safe and effective product.

I have recurrent genital herpes, can I get the shingles vaccine?

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