This week at Altri Mondi we start from the case that was resolved in court between Nintendo and Yuzu, one of the most popular emulators for Nintendo Switch games. A legal peace of 2.5 million dollars, paid in compensation for the many pirated copies of the latest Zelda title. But it risks creating precedents in the challenge between console manufacturers and emulators, created not to pirate but with the difficult and noble aim of preserving the thousands of video games that risk being lost forever. And with the arrival in theaters of the Dune sequel by Denis Villeneuve, with our gaming expert Lorenzo Fantoni we talk about the strangely complicated relationship between Frank Herbert’s saga and the gaming world, despite the enormous potential of this world. In closing, with the images of Mattia Pianezzi, we retrace the history of “cheat codes”, the tricks within video games that allow us to get around every limit and experiment with new game modes.

Altri Mondi is the column edited by Dario Marchetti who every week on RaiNews24, and RaiPlay explores the videogame multiverse (and beyond).

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