Arnaud Jerald descended 122 meters

Frenchman Arnaud Jerald batted For the eighth time in his career The world record in freediving to a depth of 122 meters at constant weight with double fins. Jerald was employed 105 seconds for the descent and 109 seconds for the ascentwhich means he was underwater for more than three and a half minutes. The 27-year-old pulled off the feat […]

The Migration Conference, Meloni: “There is a dialogue between Europe and the Mediterranean on an equal footing”

The conference is attended by the heads of state and government of almost all states on the southern shore of the broader Mediterranean, the Middle East and the Gulf, the EU’s first port countries and some partners in the Sahel and the Horn of Africa, as well as the heads of the European institutions and international financial institutions. In detail, […]

WHO: “20,000 drowning deaths per year in Europe”

“Every year around 20,000 people die from drowning in Europe. It appears to be only a small fraction of the world’s total burden, but it’s still the second leading cause of death for children between the ages of 5 and 14.” It’s the warning before Hans KlugeWHO (World Health Organization) Regional Director Europe, who warns: “These deaths are entirely preventable.” […]

the “mission” by Roberto Bolle

From the future of dance to the future of the planet: Roberto Bolle’s “Mission”. Dance The first date of Roberto Bolle and Friends, with which our étoile brings together the stars of world dance, makes its debut tonight at the Baths of Caracalla in Rome. A journey into beauty, but also an appeal against the closure of dance bodies 07/11/2023 […]

Messi’s debut at Inter Miami

First game, first goal, first win. Lionel Messi couldn’t start his adventure better with Inter Miami’s pink jersey. The Argentine champions, who came on as a substitute in the 9th minute of the second half, changed the tide of the game by scoring the winning goal for his team in the League Cup against Mexican side Cruz Azul (2-1). Robert […]

Always look for ways of peace, politics today is ignorant

“We have to take note of that Peace is never an eternal goodnot even in Europe. This awareness should move us towards responsibility and decisions!” the Cardinal admonishes Matthew Maria ZuppiPresident of the CEI and Archbishop of Bologna, in his opening speech to the conference “The Codex of Camaldoli‘ he recalled his birth in July 1943 ‘in one of the […]

Breast cancer, write your story

There are still a few days left until the end of the tender XV. Edition of “Woman over the top”, the most-attended literary competition aimed at those living directly or indirectly with breast cancer. Hundreds of writings have been collected over these 15 years, providing a unique insight into life with and after the disease. Above all, the initiative would […]

“Good compromise for Italy and the EU”

“It is a positive agreement for us. We’ve done a lot of constructive work over the last few weeks and I think the solution is very positive. Italy will meet the targets set for the third and fourth tranches,” EU Economy Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni said, stating that the third tranche would arrive in the coming weeks.